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"A" Street Project

October 10, 2019

1st Street and West 2nd Street closed Friday Oct 11 AND Monday, Oct 14

construction sign

UPDATE: 1st Street and West 2nd Street will also be closed Monday, October 14 for paving.

1st Street and West 2nd Street will both be closed at A Street on Friday, October 11 as construction crews perform work on rail tracks at those intersections. The closures are scheduled to last throughout the day and end by the end of the work day.

Detours will be in place and parking will be restricted and/or limited in the area. Access to A Street, particularly from Hwy 30, will be easiest at 3rd Ave West ond on streets to the east of 1st Street.

Local business will be open.

September 11, 2019

Final weekend of rail line work underway in Rainier - detours in place through Monday, Sept. 16

Rainier Map
City of Rainier on Google Maps

The final weekend of work relocating the rail line that runs on A Street is underway. The work will be taking place on the west end of A Street through Monday, Sept. 16.

West 2nd Street will be closed at A Street, but open between Hwy 30 and A Street for access to businesses along West 2nd St.

Eastbound A Street from West 2nd Street to 1st Street will be closed over the weekend to allow for construction. Westbound traffic will be open the length of A Street.

The construction will mean detours for traffic heading east from the boat launch, senior center, and adjacent residences. Traffic will have to use Veterans Way to Hwy 30 and reenter A Street at 1st Street.

All business on A Street will be accessible throughout the weekend,
but parking may be limited near the construction zone.

August 28, 2019


Rainier Map
City of Rainier on Google Maps

Continuing contruction on A Street in Rainier, Oregon will mean re-routing traffic beginning Wednesday, August 28.

Businesses on A Street will remain open throughout the construction.

Beginning Wednesday, August 28, contractors are removing pavement on the south side of A Street and blocking access to A Street via from Hwy 30 on both 1st Street and East 2nd Streets.

Access to A Street is via East 3rd with exit at West 2nd Street. That will make A Street one-way westbound only. It also means parking on A Street will be limited.

1st Street and East 2nd Street are scheduled to reopen Monday evening.

For further information: Sue Lawrence, Public Works Director, City of Rainier 503-396-1736

August 18, 2019

Rainier water service restored, boil advisory in effect until 10 a.m. Tuesday

Water service was restored late to customers of the City of Rainier water system today after a six hour outage. The outage was caused when a contractor on the A Street project accidentally broke a water main about 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

There is a water boil advisory in effect until 10 a.m. Tuesday, August 20.

Procedures for a water boil advisory

After a boil water advisory has been issued, bring the water to a full rolling boil for at least 1 minute to guarantee the harmful microorganisms have been destroyed. Then, allow the water to cool naturally, and safely store it in clean, covered containers.

Rainier water customers may use water without boiling it for any use except drinking or on edible foodstuffs, such as when washing fruits and vegetables.

Customers may notice some rust in tap water as well as air. Running water for a few minutes should flush water lines. Also, pressure may be lower than normal for a few hours as the reservoir refills.

The City of Rainier and the contractor apologize for any inconvenience caused by this service interruption.

If customers do not have service restored by Sunday evening or have other water issues, please call 503-410-0357.

August 12, 2019

A Big Week of Work on A Street in Rainier Means Caution for Drivers ...

A Street Parking
A Street Parking During Construction
Areas in red will be 'no parking zones' August 15-19
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Work on proving A Street in Rainier will kick into high gear beginning on the morning of Tuesday, August 13 with a week of work on both relocation of the rail line and replacement of a storm drainage line.

Beginning with Tuesday, August 13, crews will be cutting and removing sections of the existing street pavement between East 2nd and West 2nd to replace the storm water line on the south side of A Street. The crews will then move to the north side of the street to work on a water line tie-in.

Starting Thursday, August 15, crews will be working between East 2nd and East 4th to remove and replace rail lines. That work will continue through Monday, August 19.

Ongoing construction on A Street that week, may mean traffic delays, limited available parking spaces, and a need for caution in the area with workers and equipment moving throughout the area. Flaggers will be on duty as well.

There will be access to businesses, residences, and other facilities throughout the construction, but again, drivers are advised to be prepared for delays and congestion associated with the project.

For further information: Sue Lawrence, Public Works Director, City of Rainier 503-396-1736

August 1, 2019


A Street Upgrade
ODOT rendering of completed A Street upgrade.
Photo credit: ODOT

Over the coming weeks, crews will be installing water and sewer lines along A Street in Rainier as part of the upgrade of street and rail lines.

The work, while mainly along the edges of the street, may at times impact both traffic flow and parking. Businesses and residences along the street will remain accessible throughout the work.

The heavier work of replacing and moving the rail line will occur on extended weekends over the coming months. The schedule for those weekends will be posted to the city website as they become available. Work will take place Thursdays through Mondays from 6 am to 10 pm. Removal of the concrete ballast in the current tracks will be noisy at times. Still, local businesses and residences will be accessible.

July 25, 2019


A Street Upgrade
ODOT rendering of completed A Street upgrade.
Photo credit: ODOT

The A Street project in Rainier gets underway in earnest this weekend with crews working on the east end of the downtown street.

Beginning at 6 am on Friday, July 26, crews will begin working on water lines in the vicinity of the intersection of East 3rd and A St. A block away, at East 4th, crews will be working on sanitary sewer lines.

All of that work is associated with a concurrent relocation of the rail line that runs down A St. ODOT and its crews will be removing rail line and ballast between East 3rd and East 6th streets. That removal will involve removing decades old concrete rail ballast surrounding existing track. That will be a noisy and literally earth shaking operation.

Work will take place all four days from 6 am to 10 pm.

While the work is underway, A Street will be open. Businesses, residences, and recreational facilities along A Street will remain accessible.

Work will continue on a similar weekend schedule through the summer with the final product being a modernized, safer, and inviting corridor for residents and visitors to Rainier.

For more information, Sue Lawrence, Public Works Director, City of Rainier 503-396-1736

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