City Hall Staff Directory

503-556-7301 (see extensions below)
Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm
City Hall Staff
Position Name Ext
City Administrator Debra Dudley 202
Finance Director Debra Dudley 202
City Recorder Debra Dudley 202
Planning Clerk/AP Clerk Sarah Blodgett 203
Utility Billing/Business License Darlene Lavelle 201
Library Allison Dale-Moore 207
Court Clerk Christine Purkey 204
Public Works Supervisor Dan Foultner --
Specialized Contact By Need Name Ext
Accounts Payable Bobby Jo Harding 203
Business License Darlene Lavelle 201
Building Permits Bobby Jo Harding 203
Planning Bobby Jo Harding 203
Rainier Boat Launch & Marina Darlene Lavelle 201
Utility Billing Darlene Lavelle 201
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