City Hall Staff Directory

503-556-7301 (see extensions below)
Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm
City Hall Staff
Position Name Ext
City Administrator Debra Dudley 202
Finance Director Debra Dudley 202
City Recorder Debra Dudley 202
Planning Clerk/AP Clerk Sarah Blodgett 203
Utility Billing/Business License Darlene Lavelle 201
Library Eli Mendez 207
Court Clerk Christine Purkey 204
Public Works Director Sue Lawrence --
Specialized Contact By Need Name Ext
Accounts Payable Sarah Blodgett 203
Business License Darlene Lavelle 201
Building Permits Sarah Blodgett 203
Planning Sarah Blodgett 203
Rainier Boat Launch & Marina Darlene Lavelle 201
Utility Billing Darlene Lavelle 201
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