Rainier Marina

Rainier Marina
Rainier Marina Landscape

City of Rainier has Marina Slip openings. Please inquire at Rainier City Hall 106 W 'B' Street or call (503)556-4027, or (503)556-7301. The maximum boat space length is 26 feet.

Moorage Fees:

  • $100: Monthly Lease
  • $540: 6 Month Lease
  • $960: 12 Month Lease
  • All non-commercial vessels wishing to tie-up on the transient dock must be 40 ft and under and must call the city at arrival to register for up to 72 hours at (503)556-4027, or (503)556-7301. All vessels must be currently insured and registered to use the city dock.
  • Please be cautious as there is Electric Tape Fencing on the transient dock. Do not touch.
  • This marina does not have fuel, power, or water on the dock.
  • Commercial vessels must contact City Hall prior to arrival to complete a Host Port Agreement and pay for services at (503)556-4027, or (503)556-7301. There is a maximum length of 40 feet, this is a State Marine Board requirement.

Adopted ORS #1057 (Marina and Boat Launch Ordinance)

Kayak Launch

For more information please contact City Hall.

The marina is located at the east end of town and does not have a boat ramp. The Boat Launch is located at the west end of town.

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