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City Council Chambers
Rainier City Hall
106 W B Street

Planning Commission

Monday, March 20 @ 6 PM

Library Board

Friday, March 10 @ 9 AM
notary services

Notary services are available at City Hall, free of charge to the public, during regular business hours.

  • Welcome to picturesque Rainier, Oregon!Welcome to Rainier

    Originally founded in 1851 by Charles E. Fox as Eminence; Rainier, Oregon provides a nice variety of scenic views, historical landmarks, local area entertainment, fishing, camping, and outdoor exploration; as well as easy access to City Life and Entertainment in Longview, WA and Portland, OR. River beach access within minutes and ocean beaches within 50 miles.

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News and Announcements

Applications Sought for Rainier City Council Vacancy

City Council

Applications are currently being sought to fill a vacancy on the Rainier City Council for a term that expires in January 2025. Applicants for the volunteer position must currently reside, and have been a resident for at least one year, within the city limits.

Councilors are expected to attend one regular meeting per month, which typically takes place on the first Monday at 6 p.m. Other meetings may also be scheduled, as needed.

Those interested in applying may pick up an application Monday through Friday, 9 5 p.m. at City Hall, 106 West 'B' Street or call 503-556-7301 or contact us online at Submit applications in person or at The application deadline is March 27. Council will appoint the new member at its April 3 meeting.

Rainier Walk Through History Saturday April 15 @ 11AM

Rainier Walk Through History
The City of Rainier will be hosting a Walk Through History event
Saturday, April 15, 2023 at 11 a.m. on the west side of Riverfront Park.

The Walk Through History event is being held to celebrate the completion of a recent downtown beautification project. The Rainier City Council had a series of banners made that depict various scenes from the town's history. Those banners were scheduled to be hung around Rainier in mid-March.

The program will include a flag salute lead by Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1909, remarks from historical figures like Rainier founder Charles Fox, period games, commemorative coins, exhibits by tradesmen and local artists and more.

As part of the festivities, members of the History Club at Rainier Junior and Senior High School will be dressed in period clothing from the 1850s.

The City partnered with the Rainier Oregon Historical Museum, the VFW, the History Club and others to create the event and celebrate the banners being placed in the downtown area.

To view videos about the places and events featured on the banners, go to:

2023 Street Sweeping Schedule

Street sweeping for the City of Rainier:

  • March 9th
  • May 11th
  • July 12th
  • September 14th
  • November 9th

Please move vehicles out of the streets the evening before.

Budget Committee & REDCO Budget Committee Vacancies

The City of Rainier currently has vacancies on its Budget Committee and REDCO Budget Committee. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to help the city identify its budgetary priorities for the 2023-25 fiscal years. Committee members are expected to attend the public meetings in which the budget process will take place.

Applications can be picked up at Rainier City Hall or online at Board and Commission Application (pdf) and are due by March 27, 2023. Appointments to the Budget and REDCO Budget committees will be made at the City Council's April 3, 2023 meeting.

Lewis and Clark Bridge Joint Replacement Project

Lewis and Clark Bridge Repair
Six-day closure of Lewis and Clark Bridge in 2023, as crews replace two bridge expansion joint.
View flyer for more details (pdf)

Sign up for project updates by email here:

City Ordinance 1086 & 1087

In recent months, the Rainier City Council has passed two ordinances in response to citizen complaints about ongoing code violations within city limits. Both are now officially in effect.

Ordinance 1086 was passed unanimously by council at its May 2 meeting. It adopts the codification of the city's municipal code enforcement procedures and was based on a similar ordinance used by the City of St. Helens.

The ordinance establishes procedures for the issuance of warnings, citations and the filing of liens against the properties of persons found to be in violation. It establishes penalties of between $150 and $500, with every day of a violation considered a separate offense. The minimum penalty or fine for a third or any subsequent violation is $1,000.

At its June 6 meeting, council voted unanimously to adopt Ordinance 1087. Passage of that ordinance had been recommended by the Planning Commission at its March 23 meeting.

Ordinance 1087 was based on ordinances from multiple other jurisdictions, including Longview, Washington and Aurora and St. Helens, Oregon. It seeks to limit the use of RVs and other nonpermanent structures for permanent human habitation, as such use is detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the persons residing in them and the public at large. Ordinance 1087 also regulates on-street parking of RVs within city limits.

However, it still allows for the safe, comfortable and sanitary use of RVs for short-term and temporary habitation.

Under Ordinance 1087, RVs are not allowed to be parked on city streets for more than 30 minutes between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. They may be parked in front of the property longer than that if they're owned by the resident or a guest, but not for longer than 14 days per calendar year. The RVs also must not interfere with traffic or create a hazard by obstructing drivers' views. Porches and awnings and related structural projections may not be constructed adjacent to or attached to an RV.

RVs are required to be mobile and operable on inflated wheels and licensed with the Department of Motor Vehicles. They are not allowed to be lived in unless specifically approved by the city. But a private residentially zoned property is permitted to use an RV to house guests no more than 14 days in a calendar year. RVs may also be brought to a lot by a guest for no more than 14 days per calendar year.

Temporary siting and occupancy of an RV may be allowed at the discretion of city staff and must comply with code, with lawful connection to city water and sewer approved by the public works director. A denial may be appealed to council.

The minimum penalty for violation of Ordinance 1087 is $250 per violation, with each day of offense counting as a separate violation. A third or subsequent violation is a minimum of a $1,000 fine.

About Rainier, Oregon

This area shares an amazing variety of history; including the 'Lewis & Clark Trail' and a view of our namesake Mount Rainier and the impressive view of the northwest volcano, Mt. St Helens.

Rainier, Oregon Main Street - 1911
Penny Postard Image
Courtesy of Lyn Topinka 

The Columbia County frontage of the Columbia River offers some of the best Sturgeon Fishing year around, and is also perfect for camping and water recreations.