Business License Application

    Excludes Marijuana Facility Business

    Home OccupationSole ProprietorPartnershipCorporationLLCNon Profit (no fee)

    Annual Fee
    January 1st through December 31st

    Each Location $45.00

    (Excluding Owner)

    x $6.00

    $100.00 (Number of employees not applicable)

    $15.00 (Valid for 7 consecutive days)


    (not to exceed 90 days per calendar year and not to exeed 5 days per week)

    $0.00 No Fee

    $125.00 (Renewal yearly after initial application)

    $15.00 (Renewals received after January 31)


    You must call the city office to submit your payment before your application will be processed. 503-556-7301

    Acceptance of business license application does not certify that applicant has complied with all City Code provisions.